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Question: Hi Ma’am. I am 21 years old. I have long hair but they are not very thick. Please suggest how to have healthy and thick hair.

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Answer: Hi dear. Massage your hair with coconut or castor oil regularly to make your hair healthy and thick. Avoid chemical treatments as it makes your hair weak. Add equal quantities of Amla(Indian gooseberry) powder and lemon juice to male a paste and apply it on your hair. Wash your hair with cold water after the paste dries up. You can also apply potato juice on your hair. It helps make hair soft and healthy.
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    jyotsna waghmare555 days ago

    Maàm how potato juice prepared and how it is applied

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    Janaki Gowda430 days ago

    Hi friend, I have one suggestion pleads do it, take aloae Vera, cut off out side layers, take inside gel, take coconut oil, boil both till aloe Vera changes its color, u can add curry leaves, methi too boil, make separate, sustain all u can put aside in jar use as regular oil for head message before both u can use and make ur hair healthy from roots and grow v easily

Answer: Hii, We have may remedies but I do since childhood is keeo using simple Mustard oil- Kachhi Ghani oil. If you can add then mix amla powder and heat it. Now do massage and wash next day. In Shampoo, be careful. Now market is full of chemical shampoos. Choose herbal Shampoo like Khadi, organic harvest etc. Take care
Answer: Try to use 'the momsco' intensive hair care kit. It is very effective.
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