4 months old baby

Question: Hi ma'am, My son is getting rashes on his cheeks which are turning into white patches ..what could be the reason and what should I do?

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Answer: Kindly apply good moisturizer which nourishes baby's skin and removes dryness...I an using the moms co. Baby lotion,its combination of shea butter,cocoa butter and organic oils.
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    deepthi krishnan275 days ago

    Thanku so much..Is it fine to use sebamed facial cream as moisturizer?because I am using it and rashes are disappearing but not white patches..

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Question: My son is having rashes on the cheeks...what should I do..
Answer: Newborn ,often have these neonatal acne all over the face.these are normal reaction of their sensitive skin to the external environment.which is a natural thing.donot worry or apply anything on them.they go away within a week.avoid any soap or cream on them for a while.
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Question: Hi my baby is getting white patches in his cheeks pls suggest what to do
Answer: Plz consult a doctor since it can be due to many reasons, the main reason being calcium deficiency. But only a doctor will see, check, diagnose the patch and suggest remedies.
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Question: My son is now 4 month,on his both cheeks white patches present, gradually getting increase the size..why this is happening and what treatment to be done
Answer: Do consult doctor 1st and you can even use mamaearth products for skin care.
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