27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi ma'am I m 26 week pregnant and I have itching problem on my palm and feet at night

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Answer: Hello.. u can use a good moisturiser to keep ur skin supple. . And still u think the itching is not usual one plz consult ur gynac. .
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Question: I'm 37 week pregnant. I have itching in my feet and palm from two days. Is it normal.
Answer: Hello dear Itching in feet and palm is common in pregnancy. It may be due to a sudden increase in weight as well as hormonal changes. Home remedies for itching : 1. Increase your intake of essential fatty acids. 2. Wear shoes that don’t compress your feet and slow circulation 3. Get yourself checked for liver congestion or kidney deficiencies. Also, get your blood sugar and thyroid levels checked 4. Soak your feet in cold (not icy)water for 15 minutes. 5. Try and lay on the floor with your feet raised, keeping them above the level of your heart for about 15 minutes. 6. avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.
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Question: Hi m 25 week pregnant m on antibiotics for uti from last night m feeling hot palm of hands and feet what to do plz reply
Answer: hi dear if you are having antibiotics for urinary tract infection it is common to feel a little hot please don't worry this is common and this is not going to be an ongoing process once you stop your antibiotics these problems will also subside along a with the antibiotic you can also have a lot of water god as a probiotic you can have Cranberry juice, butter milk etc. to keep your body hydrated so that you do not feel this heat rush.. Hope this helps !
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Question: I have iching problem on my feet and palm but no rashes here. Can't sleep for this at night. What is the reason ? Anything wrong ? plz help
Answer: No ur skin has turned dry...so apply oil or alovera paste
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Question: I m in my 38th week having itching feet.. especially at night wat to do?
Answer: Hello! This could be due to the secretion from the liver due to the pregnancy hormones. Please talk to your doctor. Your doctor might suggest you a liver function test and will also give you medicine. Take care
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