18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi ma'am I'm facing the constipation issue please suggest me what should I do

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Answer: Along with acidy issue through this I'm unable to breath easily
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Question: Hi I'm 6th month pregnant and m facing a problem of constipation. What should I do??
Answer: Constipation during pregnancy is mainly caused by hormonal changes. Pregnancy is often accompanied by an increase in the progesterone hormone that causes the relaxation of all the muscles in your body, including your intestinal muscles. Relaxed intestinal muscles mean slower digestion, and this can lead to constipation. Few remedies  Lemon : Squeeze half a lemon into a glass of warm water.Add honey to taste and consume this dailyOranges Have an orange or two on a daily basis.  Flaxseeds Consume half a tablespoon of ground flaxseeds via your daily diet.Gradually increase the intake to two tablespoons Lemon Or Peppermint Essential Oil Mix the essential oil with a carrier oil of your choice.Massage this mixture on your abdomen. Kiwi Fruit Have a kiwi daily.  Yogurt Consume a cup of plain yogurt.  Apple Juice Cut an apple into small pieces and blend it with a cup of warm water.Consume this juice. Apple Cider Vinegar Take a glass of warm water and add a tablespoon each of honey and apple cider vinegar to it.Mix well and consume this solution. Chia Seeds Let the chia seeds soak in water for 30 minutes.Add the soaked chia seeds to your favorite drink and have it.    
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Question: Hi, 6weeks pregnant and I'm facing constipation problem. What should I do?
Answer: Hello dear.. Try these remedies 1: When you get up in the morning, drink a glass of warm water with lemon. 2: Take a tablespoon of coconut oil or olive oil before each meal. The oil which help soften and lubricate the stool. 3: Until you clear your bowels limit your meals to fresh fruits such as apples and pears with skins , soups, salad vegetables like grated carrots with skins, nuts, seeds like sunflower and pumpkin and legumes such as black beans and chick peas and other easily digested protein such as eggs. Once your bowels have cleared you can go back to a more varied diet with meat etc. 4: Go for a long walk (or a repetitive walk close to the toilet). 5: Take a glass of warm water or herbal tea before bed. 6: Stew on the stove half a cup of dried fruits such as apricots or prunes with a cupful of water. Cook till the fruit is soft and then mash it and eat the whole thing including liquids in the morning before eating anything else. 7: Avoid caffeinated drinks. 8. Go to the toilet when you have the urge, don't put it off. 9: To ease the stool passing, rub some organic oil (e.g. virgin coconut oil) on your bottom area. 10. Drink lots of water throught the day. 11. Have rich fibre diet like oats, pomegranate with seeds etc . 12. Consult ayurvedic doctor for medication.
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Question: Hi, my baby facing the constipation problem... PlZ suggest.. What I do
Answer: Check if your baby is applying pressure while is going potty also manually check her stomach if you feel her stomach is very tight and she cries when you touch her stomach your baby is crying during going to loo. this signals a constipation. if you see your baby is trying to forcefully get the loo out of her body, sometimes doing potty only once in a day is also considered normal but if the above Signs happening and your baby is at constant discomfort then you must visit your pediatrician for digestive drops . your doctor will prescribe you anti constipation suspensions such as evict or isabgol to relieve your babies constipation. also check if you have Recently changed her formula brand because formula fed babies are at a high risk of developing constipation . you must check the formula concentration properly and there should be no lumps while you feed your baby. you must also note if your baby is taking less breastfeed if your baby is breastfeeding . so that the lesson number of breastfeed indicate some problem with your baby . if she has high body temperature as well and also if your baby vomits more than 2 times a day and vomits complete milk out, these can be signs of stomach infections as well as allergies to certain foods if you have started giving her solids. massage your baby's belly if she is not in pain you can measure 3 fingers below her navel. On the lower left side apply gentle pressure with your finger you can also hold her legs up to knee length and help her do cycling motions that will relieve her gas. Avoid rice and banana for few weeks. you must talk to your pediatrician if you have not started solids yet and are exclusively breastfeeding and everything is normal and still your baby is getting constipated because regular constipation and passing dry stools can tear the delicate anal lining of your baby and you can see blood in a stools in sometime so it's important that you consult a pediatrician. take care
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Question: Hi, I'm 11 weeks pregnant and I'm facing the problem of constipation these days, what should I do for that, and I'm also not feel like eat..
Answer: Hello dear One reason for constipation during pregnancy is an increase in the hormone progesterone. Iron supplements, especially in high doses, can make constipation worse. Remedies for constipation : You should drink at least eight 12-ounce glasses of water a day. This will help keep your bowels soft and moving smoothly through your digestive tract. Try breaking up your daily food intake into five or six smaller meals to help with constipation relief
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