39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi.. M 38 wk pregnant nd m not feeling labor pain still.. N doc said that to admit on 10 march.. What i do for normal delivery?

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Answer: Hello dear. I had the same priblem of not experiencing labor even though baby is head down. Docs even induced artificial pain and still normal delivery couldn't happen and eventually had a cesarian. So please do not stress too much. Just continue natural remedies like eating lots of pineapple, drinking rasberry leaf tea, stimulating nipples and having sex. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hi I am 40 weeks n 2 days pregnant but still I am not having labor pain . Please suggest me what should i do for normal delivery.
Answer: Hi dear. as you have said that you have already completed your 40 week of pregnancy then I would suggest you not to wear any further and go to hospital and get admitted because it may be risky for your baby to keep her in home for more than 40 weeks so go get admitted and your doctor will induce you By giving injection on inserting Jelly near vaginal area and we will get you will that artificial pqi
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Question: Hi, I'm 39 weeks pregnant, My Doc said that still pelvis is not opened, so labor may not come. What I need to do for inducing natural labor
Answer: you should keep your body active walk daily at least for 1 hour and also do butterfly pose yoga and eat 5 dates daily think positive stay strong hopefully your labour will start soon but if your labor will not start until your delivery date then you are not supposed to wait even after completion of 40 weeks and get admitted in hospital for induction.
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Question: Cephalic presentation indicates what m 38 weeks pregnant waiting for labor pains for normal delivery . Still m not able to get natural pains ....
Answer: Hi dear, cephalic position means bbay is head down and legs up position. This is the best position for normal delivery. You are on your 38 week so still there is 2 weeks left till your delivery so just relax and have some small walk regularly that will help baby get down and induce pains.
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