9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi m 7 weeks pregnant. Today I found 1 drop of blood while m in washroom. Is there any problem m getting tense

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Answer: It could be nothing if it was just a drop. However, I would suggest you to consult with doctor to ensure everything is ok
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Question: im 37 weeks pregnant, today early mrngg i found drop of blood while passing urine, is that sign of labour??
Answer: Yeah.. i heard that spotting is a sign of labour.. Plz like my comment if u feel its helpful ☺
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Question: Hi Mam, am 19 weeks of pregnant, i saw a drop of blood in my stools, is there any problem
Answer: Its due to constipation... take more liquids n fibrous fruits.
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Question: Hi im 6week pragnent ysty nd tdy i found blood while im in washroom ..is tr any problem
Answer: Hi.. First thing app shows u r 11 weeks pregnant.. In first trimester bleeding is a common thing..even if it is light spotting, a Dr visit will be good ... It could be due to hormones, in that case Dr will suggest hormone supplement... It could be due to other reasons like chorionic haematoma, pooling of blood in uterus, in that case that blood must be allowed to go out to avoid issues later in pregnancy...Dr will diagnose ur case and suggest the best thing ..
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