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Question: Hi m 36 week pregnant.. Today i went fr a doppler scan.. And the report was pathetic my afi (amniotic fluid) is low as 6 cm and my bp also went on hogher side.. My gynec told me to come back after 2 days.. Ple suggest me how to increase my afi leavel.. 6cm is more complicated ? Or can i try for normal delivery

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Answer: It's a condition called oligohydramnios in which your amniotic fluid reaches to low level . There are few procedure through which doctor will help to increase the level . The first thing is off course you must be consuming 4-5litres of water daily apart from that doctor will ask you to admit and do proper scanning non stress scan to check the position n growth and give you some injections that actually putting aminiotic fluid in body to keep the baby safe. If you are almost at full term then doctor will ask you to opt for csec and deliver so that you n your baby both stay safe. The solutions are not permanent as after week or so it will start reducing but yes its a temporarily solution. I would say that you already at your full term after 36 weeks it's safe to deliver so follow your doctor advice n opt for csec if that's the solution.
Answer: same wid me kal mera bhi clr doppler hua tha afi is 7 baby ki growth bhi kam h. i m to go to see d dr. on 29 n she said 99% will go 4 c sec. aapka baby weight kya h
Answer: even I had the same problem.. plz drink 1/4 lt water every half an hour.. definitely fluid level will improve.. same way I increased mine from 8 to 11.6
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    Ramya M P kashyap1000 days ago

    it depends on ur baby position

Answer: First of all don't worry , which increases ur b. p. have intake of coconut water n lots of fluids n water.
Answer: in 37 weeks I had my afi 4..so dnt worry.. even I had a.normal delivery
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Question: Doctor I went for tiffs scan in the report they have mentioned amniotic fluid is 13.5 CM it is low and they told it is risk for baby what to do tovincrease amniotic fluid level.
Answer: No Its normal Normal range is 8-18 Drink plenty of water Eat cucumber muskmelon watermelon tender coconut bottle gourd bell pepper
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Question: Haii.i am 36 week my afi level is 14 cm and my bp 130 / 90 doc told to ur bp is high reduce the bp otherwise ur got c sec....i am little scary about it..ple answer me
Answer: It's not that high, better check with different doctor once.
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Question: My amniotic fluid is 5.7 cm is this ok.pls tell me the causes of low amniotic fluid and how to increase it?
Answer: yes it is at lower side and AFI keeps on reducing as pregnancy grows. Take 3 litres of water daily. But on safer side do a doppler test and if these are normal you can wait till date or till labor starts. Monitor daily fetal kick count and follow up ur Dr regularly.. You should also talk to your doctor about l-arginine granules and iv drips to increase the fluid
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