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Question: Hi. M trying to conceive 1 and half year. After going through certain test I have come to know that I have pcod. What is this pcod all about. How to overcome it.

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Answer: Hello dear Pcod can make pregnancy difficult, it is one of the most treatable forms of infertility in women. The hormonal imbalance that occurs with PCOD interferes with the growth and release of eggs. Many women with PCOD do not ovulate, and therefore cannot become pregnant on their own. Treatments are available to help you ovulate and increase your chances of getting pregnant.
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Question: i have PCOD, and getting problem to conceive even after trying for 1 year. plz help me out
Answer: Go for regular check up to a good infertility specialist.There are many medications available with the help of which u can get pregnant. But go for visit in every cycle till u conceive.
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Question: I have subseptate uterus according to my HSG report. Can be cause infertility? What to do about this? I have been trying to conceive from 1 year.
Answer: hi dear! yes it can be a reason for the infertility dear and also if pregnancy takes place there is a high risk that you might have miscarriage dear. you can visit a fertility clinic dear you will get the help required after some history is taken dear. so dont loose hope dear. everything is going to be ok dear. take care dear.
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Question: Hello doctor I m trying to conceive from past 1 year . All my and my husband test are normal but I m unable to conceive. What could be the possible reason and what should I do
Answer: Have you consulted doctor everything fine in you
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