15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi.. m regularly doing stretching, pranayam but still my headache z not going what should I do ??

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Answer: if you have continuous headache, vision is affected then get bp checked. see dr as soon as possible
Answer: Take ice in one cloth N keep on ur forehead.. U will. Feel better
Answer: once check your bp and drink water nearly 6 to 8 glasses per day
Answer: drink lots of watr ..n slep well
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Question: Hi, from night m having headache, what should I do
Answer: hi you can try home remedies which will help to give you really first of all avoid taking stress take good reest have adequate intake of water apply Eucalyptus oil on the forehead take Ginger Honey paste one teaspoon twice the day make a thick paste of Cinnamon and water and apply on the forehead and keep it for 20 minutes then wash it you can also apply balm and get a good massage done
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