9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi.. m in my 8th week.. doc told me dat I might hv abortion due to internal bleeding. So m on duphaston now.. d thing is some time I feel very low n worried about my child.. since I hv pcod m really worried about my baby.. I don't want to loose it.. I just cannot stay positive .. the fear of miscarriage is driving me crazy.. I don't why dis is happening with me..

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Answer: Your taught is what will happen so think positively if you think negatively only negetive things happens to you so don't worry thing positively don't worry wait and see
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Question: Hi friend's m too worried about internal checkup I don't like it at all for normal delivery is it necessary. Dr. Called me once again for internal checkup on 27th and my due date 28th. What should i do.
Answer: It is necessary so that they can trll you that your delivery is about to happen or does it have a fay or more delay... Their is nothing to be worried about it...
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Question: My periods is 10 days late but nw i am thing is dis periods or miscarriage...plz jelp me wid dis one
Answer: Hi dear. if you are getting proper bleeding just like periods then it is definitely your period but if you are only spotting or less bleeding is there then it could be implantation bleeding you can confirm this by taking a pregnancy test in the morning with first fresh urine. but if you are getting bleeding exactly like a period than a deer you should understand that there are also some reasons of delayed period other than pregnancy which are nutritional deficiency in your body any kind of a cyst in your uterus.
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Question: Hi I have a leg pain ..... What is the reason for this..... Is this normal in pregnancy time already I had two abortion ..... Am really worried about dis
Answer: Hi Its normal during pregnancy..dont worry ok..the weight of the baby in stomach wgen increases then that weght completely lay on the legs so that the legs will pain because of baby weight ok..
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