7 months old baby

Question: hi m having twins now they are 6 n half month n their weight is 6.2kg and 6.3kg their birth weight was 2 kg and they were born 1 month premature. . is it normal weight or they are underweight

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Answer: By 6months baby should double their birthweight , and your babies are ahead of that weight therefore as per their body weight is perfect.
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Question: My baby weight 6.2kg in 6 month. Her born weight was 2.6 kg. Is it normal?
Answer: Hello dear, If baby born weight was low, Chances are he will gain weight slowly. Still 6.2 kg weight is OK. If baby looks active then don't think too much about weight.
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Question: My kids birth weight is 2.36 and 2.56. now they were 4.5kg. how can i increase their weight
Answer: I do not worry my baby's weight is within the normal range however you can continue to feed you baby every 2 hours which you have to provide proper nutrition to the baby for its proper growth and development you should have a healthy diet we should help the baby to get proper nutrition
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Question: my babys weight at birth was 3.6 and now at 11 month his weight is 8.8 kg.. is he underweight?
Answer: Hi. Yes your baby is bit under weight. Babies shoukd be 3thrice of there birth weght by 1 year of age. So your baby should be 10.8 by he reaches his first birthday. And its almost impossible that he would gain 2 kg weight in 1 month now. But dont worry just make your baby eat healthy. He will recover his weight soon.
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