27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi m feeling very lazy in 26th week pls tell me the solution

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Answer: It's common enjoy ur phase.. Read/listen anything interesting hang out with friends.. Dine out with ur loved ones.. Cook anything u like.. Call ur friend to house.. Spend some quality time..
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Question: Mam m feeling very much lazy.....al time sleepy...plz tell me smthing
Answer: Hello dear, it is a symptom that you are pregnant. Most of the women feel lazy, drouzy ,sleepy all time during the first trimester. Sleepimg all time may increase your weight and may caise complications during pregnancy. If you don't want to sleep much time just go for walking. Read some inspirational books, success stories, holy books etc depending upon ypur interset. Listen to music. Learn something as per your interest. Help your mother in households. Watch some good tv programs that should be pleasent and informative.
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Question: Hi I m feeling so lazy ....n pain in legs irritating feeling ..pls tell me what I shall do?
Answer: All hail to the hormonal changes that causes mood swings and leg pains. Trust me it is the worst feeling ever. All you can do is take a hot water shower, put hot water bag compression on your legs or ask someone to massage. This pain will subside in a few days. Try to keep yourself busy in engaging activities like playing indoor games or meet your friends etc.
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Question: M feeling very much tired & lazy ????
Answer: Hello dear. Congratulations on your pregnancy. The hormonal changes are likely the cause of fatigue. Your body is producing more blood to carry nutrients to your growing baby. Your blood sugar levels and blood pressure are also lower and this is the reason you feel tiered during pregnancy. I too used to face the same. Take care.
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