24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi m 22 weeks pregnant since from last two days m feeling less kick or moments of baby. kick are vry low and even i slept on the left side too but still i felt only 1 or 2 kicking.

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Answer: Hi, baby is still small so you might start feeling more kick in coming weeks. If you feel the movement frequently then its fine. :)
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Question: Since two hrs left side pain i m 22 weak pregnant..is this normal??
Answer: Hi Mum don't worry abdominal pain during pregnancy is common due to the uterus growth the as the baby developed inside the uterus is it will cause pain and also the muscles enlargement also cause pain the other reason would be if you get too much heat nurse in body that will also create stomach pain so try to keep your body temperature cold drink more water and add more fruits in your diet
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Question: Hii....m feeling less moments compared to last week ..still moments are present is it normal ..
Answer: Sometimes we are busy and doesn't feel movements take some rest if u still worried then consult ur doctor dear
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Question: Hi... i felt baby kick on left side only... Is there any problem?
Answer: Baby left side me hoga. Mujhe right me hoti Hai feel. It's normal
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