23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, last week I have done my Anomaly scan...In report it's showing fetal heart rate is 147 bpm & estimated fetal weight according to BPD,AC is 39.9 gms., Means baby's weight is 39.9 gms? Is it fine? Pls advise...🙏

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Answer: No u just c the report they would mentioned like this for example 450 GPS +/- 39.9 gms. Check it properly for me they mentioned like this only.
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    Misti Nag207 days ago

    Yes, u r right.. it's mentioned as weight according to BPD,AC - 409+/-40.9 FL, AC - 401+ like that...Then what does that mean?

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Question: In anomaly scan estimated fetal weight according to bpd, ac, and fl is 399+/-39.9 what does it mean
Answer: Hi dear, Your baby weight is calculated using certain parameters of baby like BPD ,AC,FL,.as per that it is 399 grams which could be 39 grams less or more from that.it is fine as of now.
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Question: Baby's bpm was 147 now heart rate is 140.. is it fine?
Answer: hi do not worry it keeps changing sometimes the heart beat Can Be Anything between 120 to 180 so do not worry it is within the normal range
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Question: What is meaning of estimated fetal weight according to BPD,HC,AC,FL is 1970 +/-197gms
Answer: Considering the measurements of biparietal diameter,head circumference, abd circumfernce and femur length your baby' s weight is 1970 +/- 197 gms.
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