23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, last week I have done my Anomaly scan...In report it's showing fetal heart rate is 147 bpm & estimated fetal weight according to BPD,AC is 39.9 gms., Means baby's weight is 39.9 gms? Is it fine? Pls advise...🙏

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Answer: No u just c the report they would mentioned like this for example 450 GPS +/- 39.9 gms. Check it properly for me they mentioned like this only.
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    Misti Nag48 days ago

    Yes, u r right.. it's mentioned as weight according to BPD,AC - 409+/-40.9 FL, AC - 401+ like that...Then what does that mean?

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Question: Baby's bpm was 147 now heart rate is 140.. is it fine?
Answer: hi do not worry it keeps changing sometimes the heart beat Can Be Anything between 120 to 180 so do not worry it is within the normal range
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Question: Hi I'm 23week pregnant I done anomaly scan fetal weight is according to bpd, hc, AC, FL, 564gms it's good or not please tell me
Answer: Hello! As per 23 weeks the weight of the baby is around 501gms. Your baby weight is little more which is normal. A little more or less is not a problem. Make sure that you have a balanced diet for the overall growth of the baby. Take care
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Question: Anomaly scan fetal weight 282.41grms and heart rate 134 bpm...is it normal?
Answer: Very less. My baby's weight was 394 grams at that point, which was about 40 grams less than normal. Eat healthy! Baby's weight should increase that way!
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