6 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi mazi last due date 11 may 2018 hoti mi 16 jun la check kela hota tewa negative ala hota aaj mi Dr kade gele tewa positive ala pn Dr bole sonography madhe dist nahi

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Answer: Wait for a week n once again test..
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Question: Hello All, Mazi Last LPD date 18th March hoti pn ya month madhe ajun periods nahi aale mla ani mi aaj prega news check Kel tr results negative aahet. So, mi pregnant aahe ki nahi ks kalel mla? prega news we results correct yetat Na? aankhi konta upay aahe ka pregnancy check karnyasathi??
Answer: Hello dear after missing period if pregnancy test came negative then there are some reasons behind it --- @You took it too early. @ your ovulated late this month. @ you are too far along in the pregnancy. @ you are pregnant with twins and triplets. @ the test is expired our faulty. @ you have an ectopic pregnancy. @ you did not follow the instructions.
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