3 months old baby

Question: Hi ladies, I am 3 months plus baby boy mom. i noticed that my menstruation this time its hevy flow n its almost more then 2 weeks period. Noted pad socked through every 4- 5 hours. I am delivery through

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Answer: It’s completely normal. This blood is called lochia, and is a type of vaginal discharge. It will start off heavy in the days just after birth, and taper off within few month of giving birth. When the blood tapers off, it should start to become watery and turn yellow or white. It may be alarming to see that much blood after giving birth, but it’s important to remember that the amount of blood in your body rises by 50% during pregnancy, so your body is ready for this type of heavy blood loss.
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Question: Hi, I delivered a baby boy on 14th nov through c section and for almost 8 weeks I had little bleeding then it stopped for 10 days and again yesterday evening bleeding started heavily. In every four to five hours I need to change my pad . Is it the normal period?
Answer: it is advisable to consultant doctor post delivery bleeding will go on nton6 weeks if even after that the bleeding is coming and it is the heavy flow to the advisable to consult to doctor in the meanwhile it is advisable to take the food which is rich in iron you should take more of green vegetables take promegranate and apple and rasins also maintain iron levels you should also take iron supplements in consultation with your doctor
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Question: im getting contractions every 5 mins n doctr said 2cms dialated. its my 1st delivery. how many hours more will go till I wil deliver?
Answer: It is tough to say how many hours will be gone into labour..... Dilation should reach 10cm for delivery of the baby..... It entirely depends upon how strong your contractions are.......the only way is to wait......
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Question: I get. Back my period after 7 month of my baby btt d flow is heavier then before . I hve to chnge after every two hours ...is it normal n how many days it goes??
Answer: Hi, it is normal to have heavy or light flow of period after delivery. It may be irregular as well. Nothing to worry about. But if you feel flow is way too much to handle you take ur doctors suggestion. Instead of using pads you can use mensuration cup. they are way more comfortable than pads. And you can also measure your flow.
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