38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, kya running 38 week mein delivery ho sakti hai,neck k around cord hone se doc ne mujhe c- section delivery k liye bola hai

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Answer: Cord is a very soft part..if double cord looping then there is problem in normal delivery.. Tk another opinion .. Dr can wait for a week for normal delivery
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Question: mere baby ke neck mein cord hai docter ne bola?????ab normal delivery ho jayegi kya???
Answer: A nuchal cord occurs when the umbilical cord becomes wrapped around the fetal neck 360 degrees. Nuchal cords are common, with prevalence rates of 6% to 37%. Up to half of nuchal cords resolve before delivery. A nuchal cord — or a cord around the neck — is one of many things mothers to be fear about childbirth. It’s common to hear stories of babies being born with the cord wrapped around their neck. The reason for this is because… nuchal cords are very common. Babies receive nutrients and oxygen via the umbilical cord, not by breathing through their nose or mouth. They don’t actually breathe until after the birth, when they take in that first breath of oxygen into their lungs. This is one of the many reasons why it’s important to leave a baby’s umbilical cord intact (uncut) for at least 2 minutes after the birth. A Nuchal Cord Is Not An Indication For A C-Section Lots of babies are born with the cord around their neck or other body parts. It really depends on how tight the cord is and what else is going on. there are less chances of normal delivery but lets hope for the best,, all the best
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Question: Hi meri ultrasound main bache K neck k around cord aaya. Kya normal delivery ho sakti hae ta c section hi hoga? Normal delivery k laye kaya kro
Answer: Wo to last moment p pta chlega .agr baby k position chnge krte tym cord nikl gy th normal ho skti h otherwise cesaran
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Question: Mujhe doc NE c section k liye bola hai
Answer: எனக்கு குழந்தை தங்குவதற்கு ஏதேனும் உதவி செய்யுங்கள்
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