35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi! kal se mera 35 week start ho raha he ab mere pero me bohot pain aur swelling ho rahe he back pain and abdominal me niche ki taraf bhi pain he kuch kar sakte he pain se relief ke liye

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Answer: have a blood pressure check up done dear... decrease salt intake... increase water intake... sleep well... dip your legs in warm water for few minutes and immediately in cold water for few minutes. leg pain is common during pregnancy. to minimise the pain you can dip your legs in warm water and put some salt in it. Massage with luke warm mustard oil. It is also very helpful. you can also use hot water bottle to release the pain. You can apply some muscle relaxants too. they will give you a relief but cramps and pain are part of the pregnancy.
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Question: hello mere 36th week 3 day chal raha he mujhe kal se bohot weakness lag rahe he. peliv area me bhi pain he ankho me bhi bohot dard ho raha he me kya karu normal delivery ke liye
Answer: 1. Regular exercises -Pelvic stretches and tilts, deep squats exercises can open your hips and make your pelvic muscles stronger to enable you to have a normal delivery. Incase u hv lot of pain n not able to do these exercusea then simply walk...Keep in mind to exercise under the supervision of an expert as wrongly done exercises can do harm to you and your baby. 2. You can also try prenatal yoga, which increases flexibility and will help you have breathing control. Yoga will also keep you relaxed and calm. 3. Stay away from stress, anxiety and too much contemplation 4. Practice meditation and deep breathing exercises regularly. This way you will inch a step closer to having a normal delivery 5. Refrain from hearing horror birth stories 6. Eat properly and eat rightly. A healthy and well nourished mother is capable of facing the challenges of labor easily and more comfortably. However, you must keep a tab on your weight as well, as too much weight gain can interfere with your chances of having a normal delivery. 7. You can also do regular perineal massages after the seventh month of pregnancy. It reduces stress, helps an expectant mother tackle labor efficiently and mitigates joint pains and muscular tensions
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Question: kal se bohot back pain ho raha hai Kya karu
Answer:  Pregnancy back pain typically happens where the pelvis meets your spine, at the sacroiliac joint. There are many possible reasons why it happens. Weight gain . Posture changes.  Hormone changes.  Muscle separation.  Stress . Treatments for Back Pain in Pregnancy...... Exercise . Regular exercise strengthens muscles and boosts flexibility. That can ease the stress on your spine. Safe exercises for most pregnant women include walking,swimming , and stationary cycling. Heat and Cold . Applying heat and cold to your back may help. If your health careprovider agrees, start by putting cold compresses (such as a bag of ice or frozen vegetables wrapped in a towel) on the painful area for up to 20 minutes several times a day. After two or three days, switch to heat -- put a heating pad or hot water bottle on the painful area. Be careful not to apply heat to your abdomen during pregnancy. Improve your posture. Slouching strains your spine. So using proper posture when working, sitting, or sleeping is a good move. For example, sleeping on your side with a pillow between. If your back pain persists, you may want to consult your doctor to see what else you might try. Be sure to consult your doctor before taking pain medications. 
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Question: Mera back kal se bohot pain ho raha he... Kya koi darne wali baat he??
Answer: Nothing to worry. Back pain common hai pregnancy me Kyun ki baby growth se uterus strech ho raha hai. Take rest
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Question: muje back pain bohot hota h aur mere per me bhi bohot swelling h
Answer: Hello! it is normal...dont worry..Follow these steps: Avoid sitting or standing for a long time. Use a stool or a resting chair and avoid standing on one foot. Sit periodically in case you have to stand for a long duration.Sit on chairs that have supportive backs or use pillows at your back, and try to sit up straight.Stand straight with your shoulders relaxed.At work and when driving, consider a lumbar support for your chair. Try not to cross your legs, and check whether the position of your computer screen and chair are correct. Try to move away from your desk regularly and get fresh air at lunchtime.Be careful while getting done with your household work. Avoid heavy strenuous works.Use a warm towel or a heating pad on the lowest setting to provide you comfort.
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