16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi its my fourth month and i m still facing issues with bad mouth taste.. I do brush 3-4 times a day even then the taste of my mouth is very bad all the time. what can i do?

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Answer: Hie bitterness in mouth is a common complain during pregnancy Gargle with apple cider vinegar solution or salt water solution as it would help wash away the bad taste Include citrus fruits in your diet Such as lemons ,oranges, or kiwi they can help you nullify the taste by stimulating salivary glands Gargle with peppermint mouthwash post meal to keep the taste at Bay Have 1 garlic and honey it would help keep away the taste Chew on some pepermint or Tulsi leaves they should help you freshen your breathe Sip on ginger lemon tea or ginger Tulsi green tea it would help you give a change of taste
Answer: Its ok .somebody will feel bad test in full pregnancy .For that med also available otherwise u take coconut water
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Question: m feeling very low all d day... sometimes I feel I can't even stand properly...my mouth has metallic taste all d day....what should I do
Answer: Your body is getting used to the new stages...The first three months you will feel like vomiting, weak, indigestion, gas problems etc but don't worry everything will be normal after three months...Eat food that suits you now and if symptoms are worse you can always consult the doctor
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Question: I m getting bad smell my mouth i brush twice a day what is the problem
Answer: Hello, can get it checked with the dentist also hormones and dehydration during pregnancy can affect your saliva levels and cause dry mouth. This can in turn make it easier for bacteria to colonize. Morning sickness can hurt your breath too, as the smell of stomach acids and partially digested food tends to linger in your mouth. You can brush twice daily and use non alcoholic mouth wash. Hope this helps.
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Question: I have a very bad taste almost all the time...what can b done
Answer: Hi u can suck some lemon juice adding black salt in it. U can also have some lemonade as sour taste will remove ur bitter taste of tongue. Also do make sure to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water. Don't starve and eat something after regular interval
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