37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi its my 9th month and my baby weight is 2.4kg.is it okk

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Answer: Hello dear it is good take care be happy for baby drink more water keep walking
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Question: i m 7 month pregnant and my hemoglobin is 9.8 is it okk or its low?
Answer: U hb level is low it should be betweenn11 to 14 and it's low. Pls try to intake jaggery in u r food. Or try to intake drumstick leaves in u r food daily. U can soak jaggery with water overnight and in the morning add 2 drops of lemon juice strain the water and drink. Drum stick leaves clean them wash them take leaves alone take a cooker add moongdhal leaves tomatoes onions and hari mirch take 3 whistle of cooker . Later take a wok add oil jeera to cradle little red chilli powder To u r taste and salt and put the seasoning in cooker and have with chappthi or rice the dhal.
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Question: Hi baby weight is 2.28kg now is it okk and heart rate 152bpm
Answer: hi yes the Heartbeat is normal ideally the a Heartbeat can be me anything between 132 180 so don't worry your baby's Heartbeat is within the normal range
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Question: Hi yesterday some water discharge from vagina .its my 8th month .is it okk?
Answer: Hi,check this with your Dr as this could be amf leackage which is not a good sign.
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