20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi.. its my 5th mnth... Can i eat mangoes or hv mango shake?

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Answer: Hello Mangoes are very nutritional and are very high in vitamin a c and b6 it also has good iron content dietary fiber follic and zinc. It is also rich in anti oxydants But it should be eaten in moderation as it gives alot of heat to the body wch can cause loose motions or stomach cramps it can increase gestational diabetes. It promotes weight gain so eat one in a day. There can also be allergic reactions from artificial ripening.
Answer: Of course dear you can eat mango. Mango is an excellent source of vitamin A. It is also rich in fiber. Mangoes provide the body with a large amount of vitamin C. It has lots of folic acid. Mangoes are naturally sweet. They contain more sugar than most fruits so if you have sugar problem then avoid it. You can eat mangoes smoothie and shake also. Avoid raw mango.
Answer: Yes.. you can have it.. but according to aayurveda you should not have mango with milk.. you can make mango lassi instead..
Answer: Yes u cn have mangoes and mango shake.. But restrict urself with half or 1 full mango... Dont hv much..
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    Neetisha Jain971 days ago

    But that u r sayng in a day na? I can hv 1 mango in a day?

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