2 months old baby

Question: Hi its going to be 2months by next week, my stomach is not going in, it seems still there is 6-7 months baby inside... how to reduce stomach how to flatten it like before... pls help...

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Question: Is it normal to get hunger reduced by 8th month? . I'm not feeling hungry nowadays like before months..
Answer: Hello dear if you will not feel hungry then you have to eat if you will not eat then how baby get nutrition . you should eat at every 2 to 3 hour. now you can eat a handful of dry fruits which will increase baby weight. drink milk juices shakes lemonade .eat more food.
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Question: There is small movements like suddenly it feels like bubbles in stomach these are baby movements or not?
Answer: These bubble like movement during pregnancy is called quickening ,. The baby start to move and you will feel the movement like this during your 18 to 22 weeks of pregnancy, these bubble like movement is your baby
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Question: I delivered my baby through cesarion. Now it has been 5 months. But my tummy is not reducing. Still it looks like 6th month pregnant. Please help me to reduce my weight and stomach
Answer: Do exercises like plank and walking after one month.. have jeera water in empty stomach
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