14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi its end of my third month and have reduced weight....is it normal?

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Answer: Basically, the baby is going to take what it needs from your body so it's just most important to make sure you are getting lots of good vitamins and minerals so you have some for baby and some from yourself.  
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Question: Its my sixth month and I have gained only 3 kg weight is it normal??
Answer: Hi,if you have gainws 3 kg in entire six months than it is not a healthy sign tou should change your diet and have food rich in.oroteind have hjee chicken and egg.have cereals milkshakes.ghee and nuts.this should help
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Question: Hi after 45 days of injection ...my baby boy reduced weight is it normal...
Answer: hi dear it is not that after 45 days injection usually babies lose weight after Robert so you don't need to worry much about it feeding baby often only mother's milk can increase the weight in babies and also it will increase the immune system has a feeding mother take more nutritious food in your diet that will help you and your baby
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Question: Hi my weight was 62kgs at start of 2nd month and now its only 67kgs. Is it normal?
Answer: Hi Ya thats normal you should gain atleast 9-10 kgs weight gain in pregnancy from day 1 till due date for healthy pregnancy..take care
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