36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi.. its being 37 week of pregnancy. I feel itchness in my vagina.is it normal ?can anyone suggests

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Answer: Dear i also have same vaginal itching last month .my friend advised me to avoud oily slicy nd junk food,.use v wash too ,keep ur vaginal area clean nd wear cotton panty too nd a big no 4 spicy food , Make a paste of baking soda and water and apply the paste to the area that itches nd cold compress can help relieve vaginal itching. I try it nd gets relief u can try it also .its helpful .
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Question: Hello everyone i m 37 week pregnant from yesterday i feel like pain in my vagina bt after sometime i feel normal is this a sign of labour???
Answer: It could be a sign of cervix dilation. If you are getting search in after certain time interval throughout the day that means your cervix started opening and you can expect delivery within a week. Inform this to your doctor as well . All the best 👍.
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Question: Hi friends, it's my 8th week of pregnancy, and I don't feel anything in my tummy. Is it ok? And when will I feel my baby?
Answer: Yes it is okk ... You will start feeling you baby after 20 weeks
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Question: I'm 15 week pregnant n I can feel pain in both my lower abdomen its normal or not??
Answer: I am also facing this...i think this is round ligament pain..uterus streches from both side to make space for the baby
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