1 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi... Its been 37 days.. i missed my period so i checked with the pregnancy kit .. it showed one dark pink line is this positive or negative??

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Answer: Hello! One dark line and no other line is negative. There should be atleast two lines, even if it is light it will be considered positive. Take care
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Question: Hi mam .. its been 37 days i missed my period .. checked with pregnancy kit it showed only one dark pink line.. is there any chances for the result to be positive in 45 days
Answer: Hi! No dear if only one line is dark its not pregnancy.. I would suggest you to check with your Dr. if you get the periods much late or with some difficulties, like severe pain etc. Few days delay is considered to be fine but not much. Hops this helps!
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Question: Yesterday i checked preganancy with kit it showed only one dark line but today just to see the kit i took it from the table its showing one dark line and one light line.. will it be possible?? Its positive or negative am totally confused
Answer: U will need to check again and try to check with ur early morning urine it will show u proper result, now its to early for hcg level
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Question: We checked with pregnancy kit showing one dark pink line and one light pink line. I have a doubt am i real pregnant or not
Answer: S dear.... Happy to say that you are a pregnant... Still check the urine after t 2days
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Question: My pregnancy card test shows One dark line and One light Pink line.. Is it positive or negative?
Answer: Hello dear. 1 pink line means you are pregnancy so congratulations. It means you are in early stages of pregnancy. If you would have taken the test after a week this line would be darker. Get ur beta hcg done to see the growth of your pregnancy. Hope it helps.
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