33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi... It's my 32nd week... Iam not getting sleep at night time... Is there any problem...

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Answer: Hi dear.. it is common problem third trimester of pregnancy. # wear comfortable clothes # sleep on your left side, sleeping straight may cause backache # avoid coffee and drink milk before sleeping #as it is important to hydrate yourself whole day,lower your water intake in the night and empty your bladder before sleeping because urge to urine in night may also disturb your sleep. # Keep your phone aside when you go to bed. Hope this will help.
Answer: Sleepless is normal in pregnancy. Walking for sometime before sleeping can increase good sleep. Drink plenty of water. If you can't sleep at night you must catch up on sleep.at least in the mornings because sleep is very important
Answer: No problem Andi it's common during pregnancy drink milk at ni8 before gng to bed
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Question: Iam 30 week now not getting sleep at night
Answer: Hi dear, having a sleepless night during pregnancy and tiring mornings are exhausting. A proper sleep can keep you energetic and productive but as pregnancy changes a lot of things, sleep is one of it. here are some  tips to sleep better during pregnancy. Eat little and often, have smaller meals, and avoid rich, fatty and spicy foods. You could also raise the head of your mattress a few inches, to help keep stomach acids where they should be. Switch to sleeping on your side Sleeping on your side may be more comfortable for you than on your back or front as your bumpgrows bigger. It’s also best for your growing baby, as it helps the flow of blood and nutrients to the placenta.  Get into a routine  Try to go to bed and get up at the same time every day.  Make your bedroom a sleep sanctuary If you're in the habit of reading, watching TV or using your phone in bed, try to stop if you can. If you wake in the night and can't get back to sleep, don't lie there tossing and turning. Get up, go into another room and do something relaxing like reading or listening to soothing music until you're sleepy enough to give it another go.
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Question: Hi...Iam not getting sleep at night ....morning up to 5:00am iam not getting sleep .what is the prblm?
Answer: Hello dear Anxiety, stress, and depression are some of the most common causes because of which u are not able to sleep at night as well as at day time. Pregnancy can make you feel exhausted all day long because of which u are not able to sleep properly.Don't take fluids at night. Avoid Spicy Foods and heavy meals before bedtime. Sleep on your left side. Use pillows to get proper sleep.
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Question: Im not getting sleep at night time at morning i cant wakeup soon is there is any problem for not sleeping at night
Answer: In pregnancy it's very important to take at least 6 to 8 hour of sleep so try to sleep if you are not getting proper sleep at night stop sleeping at day also having one glass of lukewarm milk with A Pinch of turmeric powder will help in getting proper sleep
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