36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, it's my second pregnancy. I am due on 22 August. How can I stop pregnancies permanently in. Future. Can doc do this at the time of delivery. Or I need to. Wait

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Answer: At delivery time u should use coopertee or freedom 5'10 consult ur doctor
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Question: hello can any one suggest it's my second pregnancy nd at the time of first baby I unable to feed her bcoz of my flat nipple so wht can I do this time before delivery
Answer: Seek guidance from a lactation consultant. She may suggest that you briefly use a breast pump to draw out the nipple before nursing and pull back on the breast tissue while your baby is latching on to help the nipple protrude. She may also recommend a technique known as “reverse pressure softening.” If your nipples are protruding less because your breast tissue is swollen with IV fluid after delivery, then your nipples will return to normal as the fluid leaves your body. In this case, you may have to pump your breast milk for a week or so until your nipple protrude enough to nurse.
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Question: This is the second time im asking the same question. I got my last periods on 19 th of August wen I can do the pregnancy test
Answer: If your cycles are regular, you can go for a pregnancy test a very next day of miss cycle. If your cycle was 19 of August and by 19 of September you have not got it then you can check it by 20 of September. This applies to woman who have very regular cycles.(28 to 30 days). In people who have irregular cycles(35 to 40 days) it is better to wait for a week.
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Question: How can I know the size of the baby at 22 weeks pregnancy from sonography?
Answer: Dear it is mentioned in the sonography report as EFW (Estimated Fetal Weight). It should be ideally around 430 grams. Hope it helps.
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