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Question: Hi it's for my friend...she is a victim of emotional abuse from her husband and his mom. She got a hubby who blames for every silly things ..there is no love, understanding and he want her to behave as per him and his mom..There will be conditions for everything..jst like how clean floor ,and when etc..she fed up with this behaviour and can't quit the relationship also...and now she is mentally depressed .. Pls suggest how can she get help and escape from this behaviour from hubby and mom in law?

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Answer: Dear there are two ways to do this either ignore completely and don't let that effect . Second option is that she can get some counselling done. There is also a mediation centre the court. if the harassment is quite serious she can even call the police no calling the police plays a very important role it is the women police who come and many times they solve the issue even she can contact some NGOs they can come and discuss everything and try to solve it. I can understand it must be very hard for her that she can also her self become bold enough to answer them on their faces threaten them that she will report them even that can work. Hugs to her
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    Ramya Nair310 days ago

    Emotional abuse is a big concern even if you are educated or uneducated. Firstly the depressed person need positive thought- one family member or friend should be there to listen to her feelings regularly and induce positive thoughts to her. If she want to continue the realtionship, slowly, she has to start ignoring the other ppls attitude and do what is right to her. Still they will try to abuse more but she need to stabilise her thoughts and focus on something she likes, like kids, job , hobby and minimise the interaction with MIL & huaband

Answer: break the realtionship
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