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Question: Hi It’s been a year I am trying to conceive and from last six months my period is irregular.I.had my my last period on 07th Dec 2018.I had spotting once in last month. And I am having spotting on and off for 15days in this month.Still didn’t get the period.Backpain, headache are also added.I am taking Folic Acid since one month.Can you please guide me what can be the reason of Spotting? I tried so many pregnancy test last year around, and all of them were negative. So Don't have the guts to take pregnancy test anymore.

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Answer: Hello dear. If it is only spotting then it could be pregnancy. You will have to be strong and take it this time as well. As your periods are missing. As spotting continuously is not a good sign and you will have to start with medications if the test is positive for the maintenence of your early pregnancy. So please take the test asap and consult gynae. Even if it is negative you still have to see the doctor. Hope it helps.
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Question: Dear madam my last period came on 05.01.2019 . thereafter i misssed my periods in the month of February ...stilll my period not came ..even i checked pregnancy test , blood test n all and the result were negative now what should i do ...neither am pregnant nor my period came so kindly guide me ..why my period is not coming
Answer: Hello dear, it seems that may be you are suffering from hormonal imbalance. Wait for a week and take another test and if it comes negative then starts Treatment for the problem.
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Question: My last period was on 12 aug ,the test ame positive and today I'm spotting, is it normal?
Answer: Actually some people use to say it's normal for few women's.. but I suffered with same problem for my last's not normal just consult to ur doctor as soon as possible...
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Question: My last period was on 14 aug. And usually my period cycle is of 25 days. And till now i didnt got my periods. We were trying for pregnancy. What should i do now??wen shud i do the test?
Answer: It was a typo ,,, my last period was on 14 july,,, please advise,,,
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