3 months old baby

Question: Hi it has been 83 days of my cesarean today we got intercourse but I have huge pain which I can't bare and I observed bleed in my vagina with lots of pain is there any problem regarding my ceasrean

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Question: I am 24 weeks pregnant I observed vagina swelling and little bit of pain from two days after intercourse is there any problem pls answer me
Answer: hi If the pain is in your vagina, then it's likely due to trichomoniasis or a yeast infection; if the pain is in your cervix (higher up), an STI may be to blame. But it could just be because you'repregnant. ... Even orgasms can causepain because they can cause uterine contractions....pl consult doc.
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Question: Do we hve pain near the vagina during 7th month of pregnancy...also the muscles has become harder near vagina...i too hve constipation....is there any problem...
Answer: In last trimester vaginal and abdominal pain is more. Baby grows fully and needs more space in tummy.. do not worry.. for constipation drink lots of water and more liquids.. eat more of fruits
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Question: Its been 3 years, we got married. How should i know if i lost my virginity yet or not as i never bleed during intercourse. Plzz help.
Answer: Some people have no bleeding in first intercoarse...
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