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Question: Hi, is spotting compulsory in early stage og pregnancy?

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Answer: Absolutely not dear.i had no spotting in my entire pregnancy there is no such mandatory spotting issue now .
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    ItzMee131 days ago

    Thank you so much for the response 🤗

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Question: Has anyone experienced brown spotting in early pregnancy?? If so.... How many days did it last?
Answer: Brown spotting is common but not normal. you should consult a Doctor if it's more than three days you are getting brown spotting. Brown spotting means there is stored internal blood. You may need medical attention to support your pregnancy. talk to your doctor if it's more than 2-3 days & if any medicine given take that properly.
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Question: Is dates safe during early stage of pregnancy?
Answer: Dates Increases body heat. if there is any complication in your pregnancy like bleeding or spotting then you should avoid eating dates at least for initial 6 months. Hope it helps.
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Question: Is it compulsory that the color of the breast change to dark in the early stage of pregnancy?
Answer: Yes it is compulsory for every women .when she was a pregnant .
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