26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi 7 mnth is running .is there any vaccination required 2 Titnus injections i had already plz advice me .I have vericos veines in my left leg .what to do

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Answer: Hi dear, Yes,tetunus injections are required in pregnancy.post 28-36 weeks this vaccination is given to pregnant mothers. Sorry to hear about your misery.vericose veins are painful swollen veins often appear bulging out in grey or purple colour .in pregnancy it becomes worse as the amount of blood volume increases tremendously.the blood flow from leg to pelvis decreases while the pressure increases.you can try the following to get some releif: 1- try to drink plenty of water 2- reduce salt intake in diet.this will ensure no extra water retention to stress the vessels 3- daily walking 4- try some graduated compressed socks which gives support to your legs.you can wear it through out the day 5- eat plenty of fibre to decrease water retention 6-donot sit or stand in one place for long time 7- elevate your legs while sitting 8- sleep on your left side
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Question: I have abdominal pain for the last 2 days.. Running 4th month.. Is there any problem? Any further scanning required?
Answer: Light pain is normal.it happens due to the expandation of the uterus .so don't worry.if the pain is constant & unbearable then consult with your doctor.
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Question: hi. i am 8 mnth pregnant i have swelling in left leg what shud i do..
Answer: soak ur legs in warm water for sometime before going to bed and also massage gently with oil
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Question: Vericos vein showing too much in left leg .Sometimes I feel itching .what is the remedy for it.
Answer: Don't stand too long apply creep bandage and keep your foot end elevated while sleeping
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