21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi is it safe to eat bitter guard(karela) during pregnancy? I am 20wk pregnant now

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Answer: No. Avoid bitter guard duribg pregnanacy. It is not safe.
Answer: Avoid karela.. it's not safe..
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    Aparna Nikumbh941 days ago

    Avoid it throughout the pregnancy

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    Ashwini Kumbar941 days ago

    Thank you aparna

Answer: Yes u can take
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Question: Is it safe to eat bitter gourd(Karela)during pregnancy
Answer: There is lots of text online that says pregnant women should avoid, bitter gourd, raw papaya and brinjals during pregnancy. Have not heard of a case misscarrying after eating these. But i dont think it really is worth taking that risk...
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Question: Is it safe to eat bitter guard (karela) during second trimester?
Answer: Hi dear.. bitter gourd is heat producing vegetable. so if you're craving to take it then take it in little quantity and drink lots of water.. take care
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Question: Is it safe to eat karela ( bitter guard) in pregnancy. My 4 month is running
Answer: Hi dear , u can have karela in moderation. Vegetables like bitter gourd or bottle gourd are some of the most popular foods in pregnancy.They are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. Cook them with relatively less amount of spices so that it becomes easy to digest.
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