5 months old baby

Question: Hi, Is it necessary to tie a cloth r a belt around belly after postpartum.

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Answer: Yes it helps ur tummy go in and gives a good support to your back also .
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Question: Its necessary to tie belly a belt r saree after delivery??
Answer: Hi mam yes it is good to do so because it helps to reduce the tummy shape after delivery so I have the same experience like I didn't use belt or I didn't for saree in now I am suffering but it looks like 6 months pregnant lady so it is best to use sarre to tie around the tummy
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Question: After delivery it is necessary to tie a cloth in my belly ?or should i go for post patrum belly belt?
Answer: Hi dear, Either of them would serve the purpose.ny doctor recommended maternity belt .
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Question: Is it necessary to tie cloth around abdomen after delivery days
Answer: Hi dear yes it is necessary I had the worst experience without typing the cloth around my tummy my mother and grandmother used to tell me everyday to tie the tummy but I refused as I got pain but now I am suffering much because my tummy has grown a very big whatever the medicines for the exercises I do I can reduce my bodys weight but not my tummys. so my sister I kindly advise you to wrap the cloth around your abdomen this helps you to get a flat tummy later
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