24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi in 23rd week having some pressure in vaginal area and pelvic region ,any one suggest anything

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Answer: my low laying plecenta same problem with me
Answer: do yoga.. it ill help u alot
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Question: Hi i am feeling some pain in vaginal area like pressure and light lower abdomein pian
Answer: Hello! It is common and normal during pregnancy. It happens during pregnancy due to the growing weight of the baby and the growing uterus which causes the muscles and ligaments to to stretch and puts pressure on the pelvic muscles. Hence nothing to worry about. Take care
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Question: Feeling pain and pressure in pelvic area...
Answer: Pressure in lower abdomen is common Symptoms during pregnancy The enlarging uterus continues to put pressure on the cervix and vagina especially towards the third trimester If it is too uncomfortable for you then consult your gynaclogist regarding same
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Question: I'm having vaginal pain and pressure on the pelvic area. Midwife said, baby's head is down now.
Answer: Take gera water n see wather the increase or decrease if it increases it's labour pain if not it's normal
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