33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi.. in my 30th week IG scan the cervix length was 4.8cm n baby position was breech. but in my 31st week I repeated the same test where the cervix length was 2.3 cm. baby was in cephalic position. want to know if my cervix length is ok? if not , what precaution I should take?

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Answer: there is a huge difference....2.3cm is very less n comes under short cervix. please check with your doc..what she says
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Question: In my 31st week scan baby position is cephalic will it remain the same or will it change
Answer: Hi...Cephalic position is best for normal delivery. If ur baby is in cephalic position in 33 weeks there is no possibility that ur baby will change position after that.
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Question: Is ther any complication if my cervix length is found to be2.5 cm in the 20 th week anomaly scan?
Answer: The length in your case is low. This may lead to preterm labor if it resuces further. Your doc will suggest you progesterone tablets/capsules to increase/maintain the length. If it reduces further, you may have to get a stitch. Some of the other precautions you need to take now are: do not travel, don't lift anything heavy, take rest and only do lighter work. Hope your doctor has suggested this already. Pls consult if the reports are not shown to your doctor yet
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Question: Hi, my baby is in cephalic presentation by end of 31st week. Is there any chances in the baby's position from cephalic to breech in the upcoming period?
Answer: If baby takes cephalic position in between 32 37 weeks pregnancy then usually baby doesn't change its position since your baby was in cephalic position in 31 week there is less chance that your baby will change the position don't worry
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Question: Cervix length is 4.1 cm and os is closed... And cephalic position of baby... Is is ok? This was given in 29 weeks scan report...
Answer: Yes your report looks all ok for 29 weeks
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