25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, in my anamoly scan, lower edge of placenta 1.2 cm away from the OS. Any problems, please suggest me. And this is my second pregnancy.

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Answer: hi this means that you have a pleasant up early opposition which means you have a low lying placenta in this case you should take complete bed rest which will help to avoid complications like bleeding you should also avoid bending on lifting anything heavy
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Question: Lower edge of placenta is 25mm away from internal os. Is this good for normal delivery
Answer: Hi dear. The distance of placenta from internal OS should be minimum 25 mm and here is on the border line, there are chances of both things so don't worry yes there are chances of normal delivery.
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Question: In my last scan report it is written ,lower end of placenta 4.7 cm away from the internal os... Is there any problem?what this mean plz explain.
Answer: Hello dear... this means the distance of the placenta from the mouth of the cervix is 4.7cms...this is absolutely normal and nothing to worry about ..hope this helps you.
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Question: placenta posterior lower edge 3 cm away from internal os, can anyone explain to me?
Answer: posterior means that the placenta is located towards the back of your uterus. Not low lying means that it is not complicating the cervix which is a good thing
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