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Question: Hi, in my NT scan baby's nasal bone was missing. So as per doctor's advice we took NIPT and report came back as normal. But still nasal bone is not visible. Now I am 16 weeks. Please let me know can we go with report or do we need any additional test to be taken? Please help

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Answer: yes might be nasal bone is present but did you check the parameters. ? what your doctor said on this? even in 16 weeks if not seen in normal USG i would say please consult another doctor or take second opinion. and go for another test in another lab. dont trust on one doctor and only one lab reports.
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    Arthi Ramajayam1294 days ago

    Doctor said even for normal baby it may happen sometimes.. So asked us to take another scan after 4 weeks

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Question: Anyone please let me know if the NT scan report says absent nasal bone.. what does it mean?☹️
Answer: Hi dear.. it means that the bone that is associated to the nose is not yet formed.. don't worry.. take more calcium rich foods like milk, paneer, cheese, spinach, raagi etc.. in coming weeks development will be there.. If any problem ur doctor wll suggest you.. take care
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Question: Hi as per my scanning report loop around baby's neck is there any issue? Please let me know
Answer: Hello dear, Cord around the neck is commonly occurring in some of the births. Most of time, we don't know about it going into labor and the cord is simply unwrapped and the baby is fine. Rarely is the nuchal cord wrapped so tight that it causes the issue.
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Question: Hai I am 16 week pregnant ...on my last ultrasound scan that was done on 13th week it was found that my baby's nasal bone is not visualised but as per the doctor's suggestion we did dual marker and the report came normal.....but still we are worried about baby's health ....is there any problem with my baby's health?
Answer: If your report is normal ..then no need to worry..and u can repeat usg in 20 weeks
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