31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi in my growth scanning head position is in up side is it possible to free delivery what to do to get head position in downward

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Answer: U still have time dear.. baby position may change when u reach full term.. contact ur gync ...ther will b also some pelvic excercises
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Question: Hi i am 38 week pregnancy didnt get head position it is possible to get normal delivery now?
Answer: In your Scan report , please check the position . If it is anterior or posterior cephalic presentation its possible. If it is in Breech position it's quit difficult.
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Question: Baby head not fix... Till yet wht to do.. Even it is in the posterior position.. (head is downward)
Answer: hi it's ok dear baby head can even get fixed 2 hours before labour pain begins so don't worry . and posterior position is a Placenta it's not baby's position baby's position is Defined by cephalic position or breech position where cephalic presents head down position and breech presents head up position.
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Question: Hi ...in my 9th month scanning report my baby is in breech position...is it possible to have normal delivery?
Answer: hi dear in the time for the baby to change position after 36 weeks baby's position will become more or less fixed so hope for the best dear that the baby will become cephalic and have normal delivery take care dear
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