39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi in ma scan reports placenta is fundo posterior grade 3 maturity means what..? I have breech position, my afi is 7.1 plz reply

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Answer: hi dear! this means that the placenta is attached on the top which is normal and the placenta has grade 3 maturity means it is normal as at this time the placenta gets old and therefore grade 3 . and with breech position you will have to do a c section dear. as at this point of time its very difficult for the baby to move upside down. so dont worry dear. its fine. take care dear.
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Question: what does it means fundo posterior grade 3 maturity ??
Answer: The placenta is the organ which transfers oxygen and nutrients from the mother’s blood into the baby’s blood. It is connected to the mother’s uterus over a wide surface area. The baby is connected to the placenta via the umbilical cord. The placenta can be situated anywhere on the surface of the uterus. The front wall is called anterior. The back wall is called posterior. The side walls are called left lateral or right lateral. The top wall is called fundal / fundo.
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Question: placenta fundo interior grade 3 in maturity means..?
Answer: It means that the Placenta is attached to the upper mostpart of the front wall of uterus. Which is considered absolutely normal Grading indicates the maturity of placenta Its number increases with the age of gestation Grade 3 at 36 week is considerable
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Question: Placenta - fundo posterior upper segment maturity grade 2 what does it means? Plz tell me
Answer: The position of palcenta is normal and age of palcenta is also normal. Nothing to worry .
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