18 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi .. im 18 weeks pregnant.. today for lunch I had some beetroot .. after which im urinating in light pink color.. is that nirnal??pls help..

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Answer: See in some cases it might affect the urine color and turns pinkish but it something to worry on because in pregnancy we can't take risks. It might be blood traces in urine too. So better check with doctor also. If it happens again.
Answer: Purushan pecha ketta onnum varadhu
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    priya haran942 days ago

    Dei naye veetuku va da

Answer: yes it is normal
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Question: hi. am in 16th week pregnancy.and had beetroot curry yesterday for breakfast and lunch.. beetroot color urine found from sterday. please help me .
Answer: Beeturia is passing of red or pink urine after eating beetroots. And if the colour of urine changes after eating beetroot you don't have to worry. But even if the colour of urine is reddish or pinkish without eating beetroot then please consult doctor.
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Question: I am 7 weeks pregnant now..today i had some pink vaginal discharge..is it common?? Pls do reply
Answer: Friend first u consult doctor . some people is common don't worry.
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Question: Hi i had light pink spottings im 3 weeks pregnant will that be a problem?
Answer: Plz consult to dr bleeding during pregnancy is not gud
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