9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, im 8 weeks pregnant now it is safe of taking vomittings tablet to avoid vomit

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Answer: Don't take any medicine without asking ur gynaecologist. They will give u the medicine Which u can have during pregnancy..... I was also having vomiting problem till the delivery . My dr given me ondem tables for vomiting.
Answer: Hi if you have vomiting problem and if you vomit has more than 3 times in a day then you should take this vomiting medications in consultation with your doctor
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Question: I'm 8 weeks pregnant now,I have sudden absence of morning sickness.is it normal?
Answer: hello dear every pregnancy is not same. some may get many problems like vomiting morning sickness vomiting and smell problem and on the other hand many women did not feel like . so if you’re not feeling this and this is absolutely okay take care of your diet
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Question: Hi. I am 8 weeks pregnant. Is it safe to eat Maggi once in a while?
Answer: Yes no issue but don't take too much and don't make it usual habit. Sometimes it is ok but not everytime. Its not the time to look at your taste but its the time to look and care for your baby who is inside you.
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Question: Hii, im 7 weeks pregnant, is it safe to add ginger and garlic in food, is it safe?
Answer: Yes of course adding ginger and garlic in eatable items will not harm. It is really safe.
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