7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi im 6 week preg. unfortunately my rubella IgG is positive.. im so scared of it.. what can i do plz tell me..

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Question: Hello Please anyone can tell .my rubella igg is positive and rubella igm is negative .what does it mean?
Answer: You should not give.because its already hot climate .may be he/ she can have loose motion.
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Question: What is meaning of rubella igg positive
Answer: It means that u are infected with the rubella virus and tge symptoms are rashes on ur tummy, etc and if it is affected during early pregnancy fetus will be having some birth defects.. And doctor will suggest to terminate pregnancy... And if at all it is affected in later pregnancy then risk will be less
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Question: I am rubella Igg n igm positive, how can i get rid of it
Answer: Please detail your rubella report is your i g g as well as IGM positive or only IGM positive. a positive i g g means you had past infection and your immune and negative i g g means that you did not have a past infection as well as you are not immune to it a positive IGM means new have a recurrent or active infection and which should be treated if both IGP and IGM positive that means a mild reactive rubella which will undergo latent phase before giving its peak so it is very important to discuss your reports with tiny and also share your complete reports with us with the value findings in order to help you better
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Question: I m 6 weeks pregnant.. Rubella igg and igm both are negative...what does it mean.. Is my pregnancy is fully safe.. Plz tell.. I m so worried..??
Answer: Rubella igg negative means you are not immune to rubella. You have less antibodies for rubella. Rubella igm negative means you are not infected with rubella. Both test are negative means you are having less antibodies for rubella in your body still you are not infected now.. Talk to the doctor for the precaution as you are pregnant and having less antibodies for rubella. He can prescribe for mmr vaccine to protect you and your unborn baby. As it is very infectious so stay away from person who is rubella infected.
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