32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi im 31 week pregnant women, can i eat raagi malt and sabja seeds??

2 Answers
Answer: Hi dear! Ragi or Finger Millet is very nutritious , it helps in your baby's overall growth and development. It contains protein, calcium and Iron, it is gluten free, low in fat and easily absorbable and digested.. You can give Ragi porridge, malt, cookies etc. but pls avoid Sabja seeds it has side effects.. Hope this helps!
Answer: Hello dear. Yes you can. However make sure you have in moderation. Take care.
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Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy dear. I m happy to help you, u can have flax seeds as it is Rich in Omega 3
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Question: Can I eat sabja seeds
Answer: Hello! Please avoid sabja seeds as it is not safe during the pregnancy. Take care
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Question: Can i eat sabja seeds everyday
Answer: yes you can eat .. I put one spoon sabja seeds in a big glass of water with some mishri( rock candy) put the glass in the fridge at night and drink that in the morning
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