34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi im 33 week pregnant, may lo naku 75g glucose test chesaru appudu fasting lo normal and after 2hrs 181 vachindi so doctor medicine icharu next 10days tarvatha check chesthe fasting lo 76 after breakfast 89 vachindi so nenu medicine aapesi one week tarvatha check chesthe malli low sugar vachindi again one week gap ichi check cheyisthe fasting lo 91 and after lunch 89 vachindi so low sugar vunte parvaleda naku eeroju konchem neerasam ga vundi kallu kuda tirigayi idi low sugar vallanena

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Question: hi i have gestational diabetes whn tested gtt. fasting it was 96,1hr-154 and 2hrs-142. so last week my doctor prescribed me glycomet 500mg and from 18th June am taking this tab till today morning and evening. i am monitoring my sugar level on alternate days i.e, from monday 25th. so monday i got fasting 90,then i had food and medicine for sugar and checked 1hr-135 and 2hrs-91. again i checked today morning fasting 90 itself, aftee food i din take sugar tab and checked 1hr-147 and 2hrs-89. my question is why I am getting low sugar range in 2hrs? is it normal or too low? please reply. i have machine and strips at home and i check.
Answer: There is a difference between you testing after normal food and btw you testing after having plain glucose but irrespective of that your sugar levels are under control so that is a good thing please continue your medication as you are doing and also I would suggest that you test once a week that is sufficient monitoring.
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