24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi im 24th week pregnant from night im not getting hungry n baby moment is this common or what please tell me n what should i do for baby to move

Answer: Hello Just try to have some sweets or cold water. This will wake the baby up. Usually babies sleep most of the time. They become both active and lazy same like us. Everything will be fine. Hope this helped you alot
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Question: Im 15 week pregnant.. n from many days I'm not getting sleep at night n also at noon... What should I do...plz tell me
Answer: Hello ... Dear in pregnancy,due to harmonal changes,bulging uterus,you may not get enough sleep,try these renedies it might be helpful for you... Take warm water bath before sleep have warn milk during bed time can have small walk after dinner listen to soft music
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Question: Im not getting baby moment s from niggt yesterday please tell me im sooo worried
Answer: Please take some cold water or have little sweet.. same thing happened to me.. it works..
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Question: Im 18 week pregnant but i m not getting hungry and im not feeling fluttering kicking please tell me
Answer: Never mind... Fluttering u will soon start feeling
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