23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi im 22 weaks pregnant...2day its self done my Tiffa scan..the cervix length is 3.3cms..it is k..any one tell me

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Answer: Yes dear If ur cervix length is 3.3 cm, then it is ok. 3 cm and above is ok. Doctor's don't worry much for 3 cm also. Just try having rest as much as possible.Rest is only solution to avoid any complication due to cervix length.
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    Yata Mudhiraj27 days ago

    Tq andi

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Question: I had tiffa scan in 22nd week ,my cervix length is 3.3cm, is it normal
Answer: Normal cervical length during pregnancy in the 24th week is about 3.5-5 cm, whereas the cervical length at 28 weeks is approximately 3.5 to 4 cm, and the cervical length at 32 weeks  is between 3-3.5 cm. This is normal, however, it might vary, therefore, please consult your gynaecologist and follow her.
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Question: after tiffa scan what will be the next scan to be done...i have done my tiffa around 20weeks now im 22 weeks.
Answer: Next scan will be growth scan..usually done in last trimester to see the babies growth , position of baby and level of fluid ...
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Question: Am 22 week pregnant, Tiffa scan done yesterday , baby weight is 400gm. Is it ok
Answer: Hi Dear! At 23 weeks baby should weight around 430 gms and 400 gm is close to it so dont worry its fine. Hope this helps!
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