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Question: Hi.. im trying for baby. My doctor suggest to take hcg injection? Is it safe? Will it be helpful to get pregnancy? Pls reply.

Answer: Hi! HCG is a pregnancy hormone which helps to maintain pregnancy and prevents miscarriages and treats infertility if your Dr. is suggesting pls take it they r safe.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hello madam, my doctor prescribed hcg injection. Is it safe to take hcg during pregnancy?
Answer: Yes dear it is completely safe n necessary for proper growth and development of baby. Mine dr. It recommend for me also and she told i have to take it till the completion of 4 months of pregnency.
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Question: Hi is it safe to take homepathic medicine for constipation in pregnancy? Pls reply
Answer: It may be or may not be, not sure about it. Please have homeopathic medicine if u r completely sure about it otherwise don't take risk and avoid it. Constipation is common in pregnancy as the hormones, which prepare the muscles of the pelvis for labor, can slow the digestive processes down. Adjusting your diet can often help mild constipation. Increase your intake of fluids (especially water), fruit and vegetables, go easy on wheat products and avoid iron tablets.
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Question: Wt is the difference between HCG 5000 iu injection and TT injection...? Is it safe for me to take both?
Answer: HCG 5000IU is progesterone injection TT injection is normal septic injection Yaa both given in pregnancy once consult Ur gynic before taking injections I took HCG up 4th month first week and TT should be taken in 5th and 6th months if gynic advised then it will be OK
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