Question: hi.. Im suspecting from ovarian cyst.. Im taking medicine for cysts since 5 months.. 2 days before I undergone ultrasound scanning and doctor said ovaries are normal and no cyst is there.. my question is... is there any chances for getting pregnancy after cyst cured.. ??

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Answer: hello.. dear definitely there are more chances of getting pregnant. follow your doctor suggestion and medications and try for pregnancy you will succeed.. all the best
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Question: 6 months back surgery has done for me because of ovarian cyst. But now im getting pain on two ovaries mam . Im getting tenction as cyst are again forming like that. I need suggetion plz let me know.
Answer: Hi dear yes it is possible that u may get cyst again but if u go for early check up then mat be ur have possibility to cute it with treatment without operation so will suggest u to plz consult doctor without delay.
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Question: After scanning there found a left ovarian cyst for me.. Its so small in size. Stomach pain is there. Any problems?
Answer: Hello dear Ovarian cysts develop as part of your normal menstrual cycle. These are harmless and very common. If a functional ovarian cyst is found during pregnancy, it shouldn't cause you or your baby any problems. Functional cysts are usually small, but can grow as big as 6cm (2.4cm) across.
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Question: Hii I m 32yrs old. Had completed 4yrs of marriage but no baby. I hv hypothyroidism and cysts in both ovaries too. Now I m taking thyrox50 and found no cysts. Also took fertility injections and medicine, treatment for 3 months but no results. Getting upset. Plz give some suggestions.
Answer: hi dear! so firstly get your thyroid levels checked, if its normal then you should do a semen analysis dear. as we have to rule out other things. and also ovarian cysts do not cause problems they resolves by itself. and also we will have to a follicular study .also along with this you have to try to have an intercourse between 10th -15th of the period. so that you can get good results. take care.
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Question: My doctor has asked for ultrasound in 12th week direct.. no scanning or test before that..My 7th week is running... should I go for ultrasound before that
Answer: Hllo dear u r 7 weeks pregnant dear generally 1 ultrasound should be done in 7 8 week to check babies heartbeat .but it gyno don't suggest .may be she don't need to ultrasound that why she don't suggest u .u can ask her if she said u can go 4 scan. Otherwise u should go 4 scan in 12 week .dear when I was pregnant my gyno also not suggest for scan. She suggested scan in 12 week also .so nothing to worry abht its normal.
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