16 months old baby

Question: Hi I'm second time pregnant and I have some urine infection.how to cure urine infection.and will be there any problem to baby.

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Question: Hi I'm 13 weeks pregnant I have little bleeding and water breakdown is there any problem
Answer: I think you are getting white discharge as well as bleeding which is not at all normal and its chances of any complication and in extreme cases miscarriage. Hope you are not taking any kind of physical stress. Take complete rest and try to consult doctor as soon as possible. Take care.
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Question: Helloo.. I'm 36 weeks pregnant... Can i go to theatre at this time... Will there be any problem if I go to theatre...
Answer: Dear now your 9 month have been completed. So now you should avoid to go anywhere. This time is not good to walk anywhere. Your little carelessness will affect you.
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Question: I have to do teej fast tomorrow .I will eat fruits and juice.will there be any problem.
Answer: No..if u will hv fruits juice and sabudana ka kheer then it's f9..m oso taking same...
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